• 2021 Selection Results-Innovative Technology Name
    • 2021 Selection Results-Cutting-edge Technology Name
    • 2020 Selection Results-Innovative Technology Name
    • 2020 Selection Results-Cutting-edge Technology Name
    • 2019 Selection Results-Innovative Technology Name
    • 2019 Selection Results-Cutting-edge Technology Name
    • 1、Key Technologies of Ultra High Performance Permanent Magnet Synchronous Electric Drive SystemTechnology Owner: China FAW Group Co.,Ltd.

      2、Test Method for Thermal Runaway and Thermal Diffusion of Power BatteryChina Automotive Technology & Research Center Co., Ltd.

      3、Optimal Source Electric Vehicle Heat PumpTechnology Owner: Tesla, Inc.

      4、Key Technologies of High-voltage Deep Integrated Architecture for High-performance Pure Electric Passenger VehiclesBYD Automobile Industry Co.,Ltd.

      5、Multi-functional Composite Current CollectorTechnology Owner: Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd.

      6、Large Array & High Resolution RadarTechnology Owner: Huawei Technologies Co.Ltd.

      7、Intelligent cockpit interaction solution: developed based on high-performance AI chipTechnology Owner: Horizon Robotics

      8、SVOLT Cobalt-free Material TechnologyTechnology Owner: SVOLT Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

      9、Charging network technology supporting Massive access of electric vehiclesTechnology Owner: Teld New Energy Co.,Ltd.

      10、Key Technologies for Vehicle Grade High-Power Metallic PEMFC Stacks of Heavy-Duty Comercial VehicleTechnology Owner: Shanghai H-Rise New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

    • 1、Super Copper Wire for New Energy Vehicles

      2、Cloud warning technology of battery thermal runaway based on AI algorithm

      3、Wireless Battery Management System based on Smart Mesh Network

      4、Innovative Technologies on High Torque Density Independent Drive Wheels for Heavy-duty Vehicles

      5、High-efficiency PEM Water Electrolysis Technology for Hydrogen Production

    • 1、High Integration Technology of EV Battery Pack with Blade CellsTechnology Owner: FinDreams Battery Co. Ltd.

      2、Massive Scenario Priented Autonomous Driving Cloud Simulation PlatformTechnology Owner: Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co. Ltd.

      3、Efficient Power Cell to Pack (CTP) TechnologyTechnology Owner: Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd

      4、Integrated High Power Fuel Cell System TechnologyTechnology Owner: Shanghai Hydrogen Propulsion Technology Co., Ltd.

      5、Technology of 800-Volt SiC InverterTechnology Owner: Delphi Technologies

      6、Octopus — Ascend AI-driven Autonomous Driving Cloud ServicesTechnology Owner: Huawei Technology Co., Ltd

      7、Metal bipolar plate fuel cell technology for vehicleTechnology Owner: Sunrise Power Co., ltd.

    • 1、High Voltage LNMO Cathode Material and Battery Technology

      2、Next Generation Non-fluorinated, Hydrocarbon Proton Ion Exchange Membrane Technology

      3、Platinum-based Alloy Catalysts Technology based on 3D Structured Composite Carrier

      4、Composited Solid Polymer Electrolyte Technology

      5、Environmental Perception and Computing Platform for Autonomous Driving Technology

      6、High Density GaN on Si Power Module Technology

      7、Axial-flux In-wheel Motor with Fan-shape Module Technology

    • 1、5G+C-V2X IoV ConnectivityTechnology Owner: Huawei Technology Co., Ltd.

      2、High Power Density Stack DesignTechnology Owner: Toyota Motor Corporation

      3、High Energy Density and Fast Charging Technology for Lithium Ion Power BatteryTechnology Owner: Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited

      4、e-Motor Controller Based on SiC MOSFETTechnology Owner: Tesla Inc.

      5、e-POWER:100% Electric Generation by Engine,100% Electric Motor DriveTechnology Owner: NISSAN Motor Co., Ltd.

      6、Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE)Reinforced Ultra-thin Proton Exchange MembraneTechnology Owner: W.L. Gore & Associates., Inc.

      7、Key Technology of High-Efficiency and High-Power Wheel Motor Drive SystemTechnology Owner: BYD Auto Industry Company Limited

      8、eDrive TechnologyTechnology Owner: BMW AG

    • 1、Autonomous Vehicle Synthetic Aperture Radar

      2、Solid-state Lithium Battery

      3、Fundamental Data Cloud Control Platform for ICV

      4、High Power Density Silicon Carbide Motor Controllers for Electric Vehicles

      5、Lightweight Technology of 3D Braiding CFRP Composites for Automobiles

      6、Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engine Technology—High Specific Power Stack for Fuel Cell Vehicle

      7、Distributed Electric Drive System Technology

      8、Wireless Charging Technology for Electric Vehicles